Get Your Heart’s Desire in a Million Dollar Retirement

Retirement SunsetKobe Bryant has retired with enough money to never have to work again in his “way more than million dollar retirement.”  But not everybody is able to earn millions over their lifetime.

And Even Kobe Had to Save Everyday!


Intelligent decisions are the water that grows a strong money tree for your family.  Very few of us have saving skills from an early age.

The York Times Bestseller “Smart Couples Finish Rich” takes the time to crank the numbers that are most meaningful to families.

The main point is that you don’t have to hit the gene pool lotto and retire wealthy as a basketball superstar. And you don’t need to be born into money.

You just have to make sure that you are saving the right amount each day to retire safe.

Just two dollars saved each day invested at an average return of twelve percent turns a twenty year old into a millionaire by age sixty five.  It takes a hundred and fifty six dollars and twelve cents per day for a fifty five year old to achieve the same feat.

Million Dollar Retirement Mamba Out

Here’s the age and how much you need to save each day for a million dollar retirement at 65

  • Twenty years old: $2.00
  • Twenty Five: $3.57
  • Thirty: $6.35
  • Thirty Five: $11.35
  • Forty: $20.55
  • Forty Five: $38.02
  • Fifty: $73.49
  • Fifty Five: $156.12

Another worthwhile read is the book  “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi.  He emphasizes the importance of saving this money into a Roth.

The Roth Ira has lower contribution limits than the Roth 401K. And the Solo 401K offers important tax deductions if you earn your daily savings through a business.

Simply investing in an indexed fund will give you round about the expected return you need.  The Vanguard 500 Fund (VFINX) or ETF SPDR (SPY) will work nicely.

If you heart’s desire is to cruise around the world for a year your retirement accounts will pay the bills. In fact major online stock brokerages already offer debit cards that allow you to use your retirement accounts to pay for anything your heart desires with maximum convenience and access to your cash.



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